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My first camera was a grey and pink Polaroid given to me by my parents. My dad’s love for photography was soon my love and I have never since been without a camera. Growing up in New Jersey, I always found interesting things to photograph, whether it was the beautiful rolling hills of Northern Jersey or the interesting people of New York City.

With Hoosier blood deep within I ventured off to Indiana University to study photography and more. After school I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to work as manager for the world-famous photographer Lou Jones.

I have traveled to many places around the world, developing my artistic perspective and documentary style photography. One of my greatest pleasures is meeting people and experiencing cultures in places like Peru, Haiti, Italy, and Kenya. I believe that putting myself in new and sometimes uncomfortable situations allows me look at the world through different “lenses”, the lenses of the local people. This has expanded my views of the world and allowed me a deeper appreciation for all things beautiful.